The Pinar del Rio province in the far west of our mystery country is the country’s prime tobacco growing region. Tobacco has been a major segment of the country’s economy since it was first discovered by Spanish colonists in the 16th century. Prior to colonization, natives knew the plant well and used it for medicinal and ritual purposes. Today, most tobacco is produced on small private farms and exported in the form of premium cigars.


Can you name that country? 
See below for answers.

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Foto Friday – Ya’lla Groups 3

Happy Friday! Please enjoy some random shots of Ya’lla travelers:

Cuevo del Indio, Vinales Valley, Pinar del Rio, Cuba

Cuevo del Indio, Vinales Valley, Pinar del Rio, Cuba

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The answer to the last episode (episode 9) is: CUBA.
Clue 1 – Vinales Valley in Pinar del Rio province
Clue 2 – Callejon de Hamel in Centro Habana
Clue 3 – Trinidad de Cuba

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Now for this episode –

All the clues in this post refer to one Ya’lla Tours destination: Bahrain, Cuba, Egypt, Greece, Israel, Jordan, Morocco, Oman, Qatar, Turkey, or United Arab Emirates.

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