Nile Cruise Diary – Day 4

The last full day of our Nile cruise was spent in and around the city of Aswan, in the deep south of Egypt.

Our first visit was to the Aswan High Dam. This was an interesting contrast to all of the ancient monuments we’ve seen the last few days and just as impressive. The first dam was built at Aswan at the turn of the 20th century. Prior to that, for millennia, Egypt’s economy was at the mercy of the Nile’s annual flood. When there was too much rain up river, Egyptian crops were drowned; when there was too little rain, crops died of thirst. With the dams, the amount of water released into the Nile Valley and Nile Delta can be controlled. Continue reading


This site stands alone on the banks of a massive man-made lake. Although hundreds of kilometers from the nearest city, it’s one of the top attractions in the country. The great temple, with its four colossal statues of the king was built on the southern border of our mystery country to intimidate would-be invaders. A somewhat more demure temple for the queen stands next door.

Can you name that country? What about the site?
See below for answers.

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