The stepped building pictured above, located at Sakkara (Saqqara), was built as the tomb of the ancient king Djoser over 4,500 years ago. The building was designed by the revered Imhotep, who, in addition to being a high-ranking statesman, was a brilliant engineer and architect. Imhotep began with a simple mastaba, a common funeral monument shaped like a rectangular platform. Then he added five successively smaller mastabas one atop the other. The result was whole new type of building and a prototype of the far more famous monuments about 15 miles away – the Giza Pyramids. This site was a necropolis for the ancient capital of Memphis for about 500 years in the 3rd millennium BCE. Even after the center of power shifted to the south, Sakkara remained an important burial site for thousands of years.

Can you name that country? 
See below for answers.

This mystery country is Egypt.
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