Local musicians and dancers entertain tourists at this desert camp in the Sharqiya Sands (aka Wahiba Sands after a resident tribe). The golden dunes of Sharqiya Sands are located between the cities of Muscat and Sur in our mystery country. This Arabian Peninsula country is modern and prosperous, with a down-to-earth appeal that contrasts sharply with its glitzy neighbor to the west. The country’s considerable natural endowments include long, unspoiled coast lines on the Arabian Sea, Arabian/Persian Gulf and the eponymous gulf, Shangri-La valleys and rugged wadis tucked into the grand Al Hajar Mountains off the northern coast, expansive desert and an annual, mist-induced pop-up jungle in the southern mountains.

Can you name that country? 
See below for answers.


This mystery country is Oman.
Click to see Oman tours.

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