The National Museum of Oman

the National Museum of Oman, Muscat

the National Museum of Oman, Muscat

The National Museum of Oman is a gleaming facility showcasing the culture and history of Oman. Some 5,000 artefacts, covering 2,000,000 years of human inhabitance are beautifully displayed in 14 airy galleries and labeled in Arabic and English (and Arabic Brail!) A clean, elegant design, both inside and out, spacious rooms and a soft palette create a very soothing atmosphere for a few hours submerged in the fullness of Oman. State-of-the-art Interactive displays, and video enhance the experience. It’s one of very few museums with “open storage,” which allows visitors access to items not currently on display. Conservation and restoration facilities are on-site, as well as a learning center open to kids of all ages.

The museum is centrally located in Muscat facing the Al-Alam Palace and adjacent to the Jalali and Mirani forts and the old city wall.

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