WOW Places – Mt. Nebo, Jordan

Mt. Nebo is traditionally believed to be the site from which Moses viewed the Promised Land of Canaan. After taking the 40-year route from Egypt he was stopped just short of his goal because he had disobeyed a command of God. He died shortly after and was buried in an unknown place nearby.

Looking west, as Moses did, the view from Mt. Nebo sweeps across Jericho and the Dead Sea to the Judean Hills, Bethlehem and Jerusalem and northward up the Jordan Valley.

Remains of a Byzantine church are incorporated into the modern church on site, which houses some very nice mosaics.

The serpentine cross sculpture at the edge of the summit is a dramatic, modern addition.

Mt. Nebo is about an hour drive south of Amman and combines well with visits to Madaba, Bethany Beyond the Jordan and the Dead Sea, all within a short drive.

Click to see tours to Mt. Nebo.

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