Regla de Ocha, commonly known as Santeria, is a religion of the West African Yoruba people, who were brought to our mystery country as slaves.They continued to practice their native religion in secret, while also practicing the official religion of the country, Roman Catholicism. To the Yoruba, the two religions were essentially the same, with only superficial differences. Orichas, the deities of Santeria, are often interchangeable with Catholic saints. The center of Regla de Ocha in our mystery country is the town of Regla, just across the harbor from the capital city. There you can visit a Santeria museum and church and maybe witness a religious ceremony. A sculpture garden of Orichas in Regla is pictured above.

Can you name that country? 
See below for answers.

This mystery country is CUBA.
Click to see Cuba tours.

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