All the clues in this post refer to one Ya’lla Tours destination: Bahrain, Cuba, Egypt, Greece, Israel, Jordan, Morocco, Oman, Turkey, or United Arab Emirates (Abu Dhabi and Dubai).

We’ll show you images of popular tourist sites in our mystery country, along with descriptions of those sites.

See the bottom of the post for the answer.


Pictured below are remains of the Greco-Roman Decapolis city of Jerash, about a 40-minute drive north of the capital city of our mystery country. It’s the second most visited tourist site in the country. For three weeks each summer the site hosts the Jerash Festival, an acclaimed arts festival with theater, music and dance performances staged among the ruins.


The modern-era St. George Basilica below is built on the site of an ancient church in the town of Madaba. A fragment of the mosaic floor from the original building is preserved in the floor of the new church. That ancient mosaic floor contains the oldest known map of the holy land. This mosaic is the most famous in a city bursting with Byzantine-era mosaics.


The inland sea below forms part of the border between Israel and our mystery country. This sea lies at the lowest elevation on earth, over 1,300 feet below sea level at the surface. Due to a unique mineral content, the sea water and mud are prized for their therapeutic qualities. The extreme salinity of the water makes it very difficult to sink. Bathers bob on the surface effortlessly. Atmospheric conditions here also have health benefits. High levels of oxygen are both invigorating and relaxing. It’s really a magical place. The sea is centrally located and makes an easy stopover between visits to other top tourist attractions. It also makes a good base for visiting a number of tourist sites.

Can you name that country?


Find the answers below.

Find the answers below.

This week’s mystery country is JORDAN.

Clue #1 – Jerash
Clue #2 – Madaba
Clue #3 – the Dead Sea

Click to see tours to Jordan.

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