The answer to the last episode (Episode 3) is: OMAN.
Clue 1 – the traditional sailing vessel of the region is the dhow
Clue 2 – camel races
Clue 3 – the tomb of Bin Ali near Mirbat
Clue 4 – the Dhofar region of southern Oman
Clue 5 – a frankincense tree
Clue 6 – Al Alam Palace in Muscat

Click to see tours to Oman.

Now for this episode –

All the clues in this post refer to one Ya’lla Tours destination: Bahrain, Cuba, Egypt, Greece, Israel, Jordan, Morocco, Oman, Turkey, or United Arab Emirates.

We’ll show you images of popular tourist sites in our mystery country, along with descriptions of those sites.

We would love to see your guesses in the comments section. We’ll be especially impressed if you identify the specific sites described and pictured in the clues.

 CLUE #1

A network of small castles extend eastward along ancient trade routes from the capital city of our mystery country. They are important examples of early Islamic architecture, built in 7th and 8th centuries by Umayyad caliphs. Although they are collectively referred to as castles, they include forts, towers, baths and caravanserai. Built in the early Islamic period, when figurative art was common, some of the castles shelter lovely frescos of dancing-girls, hunting parties, assembled rulers and cavorting animals. Later, depictions of humans and animals was discouraged in Islamic art.

Two of these desert castles are pictured below.


The crusader castle pictured below is one of the largest in the region. From its perch at over 3,000 feet it looks out across the western border of our mystery country, which runs through the lowest place on earth.


This desert region in the far south of our mystery country is famous for extraordinary scenery. T.E. Lawrence spent time here and the film Lawrence of Arabia was filmed on location here.

Can you name that country?

Check back for the next episode of Name That Country (Episode 5) for the answers.

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