Ya’lla Tours Hearts Travel Agents

Ya’lla Tours is one of those rare tour operators that does not solicit business from the public and that does not chase down your clients directly after you make a booking with us.

I cannot count how many time that I have sat in an office where the lament of the  travel agent and owner is that this individual (or group) booked and then XYZ Company came along and directly took the next booking from the individual or group. I also cannot count the number of times that that same agent and owner will book XYZ Company again.


The reasons vary: XYZ Company is preferred; XYZ Company is what this client wants; XYZ Company is less expensive than the others.

Another client is gone to XYZ Company.  For good.

Ya’lla Tours invests a lot in travel agents.  Every penny of the commission paid to you is worth it, because you deliver a better qualified client to us and we form a good relationship with you. We do not have a booking engine on our extensive website purposely, because we do not want the public to be on the site and booking things that many do not even understand.  Ya’lla Tours has done 113 agent educational FAM trips over the 20 years in business, and at the end of each trip, Ronen Paldi, President of Ya’lla Tours, will fly to Israel, to Turkey, to Morocco or Greece, to wherever and hold a day-long seminar on how to sell and market what you have just experienced with us, and why you should use Ya’lla Tours.

Ya’lla Tours does love (heart) travel agents.  We have proven it year after year, and you know what, we want and will ask for your support in turn.  Stop giving away your valuable clients to companies that promise the love but then jilt you in the end.  Travel agents, if you have preferred operators taking bookings directly or taking your clients, let your boss know and let your consortia know; that way we all stay in business and make some money.

Guest blogger Rich Davis, Ya'lla Tours USA Sales Manager, Midwest Region

Guest blogger Rich Davis, Ya’lla Tours USA Sales Manager, Midwest Region

2 thoughts on “Ya’lla Tours Hearts Travel Agents

  1. Very well writen. Thank you very much for the support and understanding. We agents need to identify who really our friends are.


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