Hello winners, are you there?


We have 2 winners of our Wednesday drawing. Last week’s drawing was done this week because this blogger was on holiday in the wilds of SE Portland Oregon, and had technical difficulties accessing the blog and list of followers. Really, I gave it a good try.

Anyway, we keep our promises, so we doubled up this week. Yesterday, we picked the names of 2 blog followers by a high tech drawing process involving scraps of paper and a giant coffee mug. Both winners were notified yesterday but have yet to pick up their prizes – $10 Starbucks gift cards. I won’t reveal their names in full here without their permission, because that’s not cool. But M Cohen and someone from Bordine’s Leisure Travel, if you’re out there, you have $10 worth of Starbucks stuff sitting in your inbox, or maybe it went to the Spam folder… I do hope you find it and enjoy.

Cheers to all. Tomorrow is Friday!

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