the Shuk, Machane Yehuda, Jerusalem

the shuk, Jerusalem

the shuk, Jerusalem

Machane Yehuda market in central Jerusalem is a traditional Middle Eastern, open-air market or shuk founded in the late 19th century. It’s known by locals simply as the Shuk and as an enduring symbol of the city.

In the last 10 years, the market has really evolved into a hybrid of the Old World market and a center of trendy shopping, eating and entertainment. Along with produce vendors, bakeries, fish mongers, wine shops, cheese sellers etc… you find cafes, clothing boutiques, bars, live music, street art and hopping nightlife.

A wander through the Shuk, where some 200,000 diverse locals mingle each week, may be the best way to connect with living, breathing Jerusalem. Many of our private tours include a guided tour of Machne Yehuda, with emphasis on the history of the market and the more traditional foods and ingredients available there.

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