Centro Pro Danza, Havana, Cuba

Centro de Promoción de la Danza, better known as Pro Danza, is a world-renown center for the study and performance of dance located in Havana, Cuba. Since its founding in 1988, the center has been under the direction of revered ballet dancer and teacher Laura Alonso, the daughter of famous Cuban ballet dancers Alicia and Fernando Alonso.

The school’s reputation draws professional dancers and dance teachers from around the world to its workshops, but, above all, the center is about sharing a love of dance and enthusiasts of all ages and abilities are welcomed, whether or not they aspire to a career in dance. Training is based on the methodology and technique of the Cuban School of Ballet, which began in the 1930s as a distinctive and highly respected approach derived from older European and American methods. Pro Danza consistently produces dancers for major companies around the world.

Pro Danza is not only about ballet, but nurtures dance of all sorts and includes training and performance companies in folkloric dance, modern dance, jazz and hiphop. Pro Danza companies perform around the globe but, as a big part of the center’s mission is to foster the love of dance in the Cuban people, performances are staged regularly across the island.

For interested Ya’lla travelers to Cuba, we can arrange a visit to Pro Danza to meet some of the dancers and take in a performance.

2 thoughts on “Centro Pro Danza, Havana, Cuba

  1. Respected Ma’am,
    I m already feeling blessed writing you message. I m 16 year old girl from India and I can even for for Ballet. I cannot live without ballet and wishing to make international career. I m learning classical ballet since last 4.5 years and struggling hard to strengthen technique which I cannot find in India as India is not yet developed​ for Ballet. I m extremely passionate and my parents are also very supportive. I wish to come to Cuba and learn as I m extremely fascinated by Cuban strong teachers and technique. I wish to have private lessons to speed up my learning process as I m having less time for making my technique strong enough to dance professionally. Could you please suggest teacher who can train me privately??I would be more than grateful.
    Hoping for some soon positive reply ma’am. I will be very very thankful.


    • Dear Aparna,

      As a travel company, our knowledge of ballet in Cuba is mostly from the spectator perspective. We know something of the ballet schools in Cuba but not enough to recommend any instructors.
      I did find a blog by an American woman who studied ballet in Cuba, you may have found it yourself as well. The blog is Jammin with G.A. at https://georgiaschrubbe.com/ by Georgia Schrubbe.
      Her email address is GSchrubbe@mac.com. I hope she can help you. What a great adventure it would be for you to study in Cuba! I wish you all the best.

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