photo by Sallie Volotzky

photo by Sallie Volotzky

Our mystery country’s super-modern cities rest proudly on a foundation of Bedouin culture. Most Bedouins in the country have given up their traditional nomadic life to live in the urban fringes, making their living as agricultural workers, but a few maintain the old ways, at least part of the year, living in tents and moving around the desert with their herds of camels, sheep and goats. The picture above was taken from a highway en route from Abu Dhabi to Dubai.

Cultural heritage museums in the cities offer a glimpse of Bedouin life. Visits to Bedouin camps can also be arranged. Hospitality is central to Bedouin culture and strangers are welcomed like family.

Can you name that country? 
See below for answers.

This mystery country is UAE.
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