For thousands of years, Hathor was one of the most beloved goddesses of our mystery country. Her attributes and powers broadened over the centuries as she mingled with and absorbed a number of other deities. She was “the mother of mothers,” patron of women, fertility, childbirth and children. As the “mistress of life,” she represented joy, love, beauty, art, music and dance. She was a sky goddess, who gave birth to the sun god Ra each morning and conceived the coming day with him each night. In the underworld, she welcomed the souls of the newly dead with motherly reassurance as they made their way to eternal judgement. She was often represented as a cow or as a woman with cow ears, as above in the Chapel of Hathor at the Temple of Hatshepsut near Luxor.

Can you name that country? 
See below for answers.

This mystery country is EGYPT.
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