Rosh Hanikra is a white chalk cliff on the northern Mediterranean coast of our mystery country. The sea has carved away the soft rock into deep grottos, which are accessed from 200 feet above by a very steep 2-minute cable car ride. About 200 meters of manmade tunnels connect the grottos. The clear blue-green water framed by the white rock is a lovely sight. When the sea is rough, waves crash into the grottos and swirl and froth, putting on quite a show. The whole area is a nature reserve and endangered Loggerhead sea turtles nest on the on Rosh Hanikra Beach. They can be seen riding the surf in the grottos and around the base of the cliff and, at night, laying eggs on the beach. Cute, pudgy Hyrax live in cracks in the cliff face and sun themselves on the rocks in cuddly cohorts.

Can you name that country? 
See below for answers.

This mystery country is ISRAEL.
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