A Few More Travel Gift Ideas, Before it’s too Late

Are you still shopping? It’s okay, so am I. Here are some more ideas for travelers, all from our favorite TravelSmith.

TravelSmith’s 360 Degree Spinner Ultra-Organized Rolling Carry-On – $129

carry-on bag and matching tote

carry-on bag and matching tote

It’s so nice to have pretty luggage, and if it spins, well, there’s beauty AND talent! What more could one ask? This lovely, nimble bag is also fit on the inside, with space for all your carry-on needs, and it possesses a light and trim frame, which rolls easily down the aisle and fits under the seat. Choose from several colors and textures. The matching tote comes free with the spinner!

15″ H x 15″ W x 8″ D including wheels; Overall Carry-on Dimension: 41″.
Free Fold-Up Tote: 14″ H x 22″ W x 5″ D; Overall Carry-on Dimension: 41″.

Able Planet Traveler’s Choice Active Noise-Cancelling Headphones – $69 (great price!)

sound-cancelling headphones

sound-cancelling headphones

Is anyone else as horrified as I am at the possibility that the ban on in-flight cell phone calls may be lifted? If that happens, I predict a run on sound-cancelling headphones. Get a pair while they last! Better yet, buy a dozen and sell them on flights with a nice profit margin.

Overboard Waterproof iPad Case – $60

waterproof iPad case

waterproof iPad case

There just aren’t enough dry hours in the day for streaming and posting and sharing and pinning. Nevermind that; with a waterproof case you can share while you shower, surf while you surf, blog like a frog…
Fits any iPad® model or the Kindle™ Fire HD 8.9″ tablet.

TravelRest Inflatable Travel Pillow – $30

This travel pillow looks funny but it’s perfect for stomach or side-sleepers, whose instinct is to protect their soft middle when unconscious, especially in public. Added bonus – if you’re sleeping on your face, your mouth can’t hang open, as much.

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