Greek Salad, Have Some Today!


It’s tomato season! That blessed time of the year when honest, sun-ripened,  fruits-of-the-gods are bending vines from Portland to Pireaus.

Typical of many cultures, other than the North American, Greeks traditionally eat their big meal in the midday, followed by a rest before heading back to work. The evening meal will be something light, salad and bread, for example. The traditional Greek salad (Horiatiki) is on every menu this time of year. It’s quick and easy to make, pretty to look at and perfectly healthy to eat. Continue reading

Athens Highlights

Changing of the Guard

The last few years have been very difficult for Greece. The economic situation is dire and ordinary Greeks struggle everyday to get by. The anxiety and uncertainty has to be crushing. From the outside, we can only guess. Even from the inside, as visitors, it’s not obvious. Recently, our illustrious leader, Ronen Paldi, visited our friends and colleagues in Greece, and he found the streets, squares and tavernas alive with Greeks. They are not, after all, staying under the covers all day lamenting their hard lot. Greek character has weathered some pretty wretched chapters in 3,000+ years, some of the worst in just the last century. They won’t be beat by this latest test. Visitors are welcomed with the same exuberance as always, only now, perhaps, appreciated more than ever. Continue reading